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Frequently asked questions

Clients often have questions about Rood Boven Groen training courses, exams and certificates. If you have a query, perhaps it is already answered below.
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Some RBG online STCW training courses include a workbook: why is that and what are the benefits?


 Putting theory into practice is ‘best practice’

 The following RBG online courses include short workbooks:

 ·      Designated Security Duties

·      Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity

Each candidate should complete the online test and workbook. Practical tasks for completion on board have been added to further improve the courses’ effectiveness and value. The applicant should complete the practical tasks under the supervision of the Security or Safety Officer on board. To ensure the online training is performed according to Rood Boven Groen’s procedures, all documents and checklists should be signed and stamped by the Security or Safety officer.

What are the benefits?

The workbooks provide an opportunity to put theory into practice. The assignments are short and can be easily adapted to the on board work environment. Performing the tasks on the actual ship on which the applicant will sail provides the perfect opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the ship and its crew. The assistance of the Security or Safety officer in these tasks has additional benefits. The tasks allow the applicant to provide further support to the crew by assisting in a drill scenario or being a vigilant observer during an exercise.

The Security or Safety officer is not expected to add any content to the training; the participant should have all the necessary information to perform the tasks. However, the Security or Safety officer’s cooperation and support in ensuring the participant completes the tasks safely and responsibly is very much appreciated. 

Choosing an online course in combination with a workbook saves travel time and costs. Furthermore, taking an online course with a workbook has a smaller carbon footprint than classroom training, which we can all feel good about.

Outline of a workbook

The Designated Security Duties online course workbook has five tasks and exercises for on board. One of the tasks is to carry out the physical search as demonstrated in the course content. The Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety & Hull Integrity workbook consists of five open questions. One question asks about the risk of cargo shifting and having dangerous goods on board. The workbooks take between one to two hours to complete. 

I passed the exam; when will I receive my certificate?

For the following training courses, you will receive an email containing your certificate within a few minutes of completing the exam:

  • Company security officer
  • Passenger ship crowd management
  • Crisis management and human behaviour refresher
  • Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity refresher

Please print this certificate and keep it safe with your other certificates.


Rood Boven Groen will issue certificates for the following training courses within three working days:

  • Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity
  • Security awareness

We will send a scan of the certificate to your email; the original certificate will be sent to your address. Please be aware that, depending on your place of residence, it may take up to two weeks for the original certificate to arrive.

I did not pass my exam; can I take it again?

If you do not pass the exam, you can review the content of the training course again and retake the exam. You can take the exam up to three times.

Can I take the exam without reviewing the training course material?

We strongly advise against taking the exam without having reviewed the training course material. The vast majority of participants will not pass the exam without the help of the training materials. You have three chances to pass the exam, it may be that you lose one of these chances should you take the exam unprepared. 

What is the validity of my certificate?

Our training certificates have no expiry date. This is because for our training, unlike the Basic Safety training, Proficiency in Survival craft and Resque Boat, Proficiency in Fast Resque Boat and Advanced Fire Fighting, you do not necessarily need a refresher training.

Personnel who are required to be trained in accordance with STCW regulation V/2 paragraphs 7 to 9 shall, at intervals not exceeding five years, undertake appropriate refresher training or be required to provide evidence of having achieved the required standard of competence within the previous five years. Under the Dutch flag, this can be demonstrated by 1 year of relevant sailing time in the past 5 years.

The Security Awareness, Designated Security Duties, Ship Security Officer and Company Security Officer course have an unlimited validity.


Can the training be stamped in my Seaman's Book?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send a sticker for the Seaman's Book. However, a sticker is not necessary as the exam certificate is superseding.

I would like to follow the Crowd Crisis training, where can I find this?

Although we often speak of 'Crowd Crisis' training as a single term, these are however two separate training courses.

  • Passenger ship crowd management (available online) and;
  • Crisis management and human behaviour (should be followed in the classroom).


Why is the Passenger ship crowd management training course not approved by the Dutch Maritime Authorities (Dutch Flag)?

The training institute 'Rood Boven Groen' is approved by the Dutch Maritime authorities (Dutch Flag). During an audit, the Dutch Flag reviewed the lesson plans and course contents of all our training courses. The Dutch Flag did not issue a certificate for Passenger ship crowd management as neither the STCW Code nor Dutch legislation require certification for this short course.

Why do I have to close the window to go to the exam?

The training opens in a new window. If you close the window you will return to the home page. You can also start the exam from the home page.